About Sel&Si

As a woman, you contain multitudes: an active spirit, a healthy sense of humor, an eye for the artistic...your day-to-day activewear shouldn’t restrict you—it should reflect everything you have to offer the world.

At Sel&Si, we’ve created a unique line of active and leisurewear designed for the woman who knows herself, heart and soul. Our collection of leggings, pants, tops, bras, sweatshirts, and accessories are carefully constructed with high-end materials, dry-wicking performance fabric, and a flattering fit. Plus, each item has its own distinctive artistic detail that elevates your activewear from everyday wear to “this is the day” wear.

As a woman-owned small business, we’re passionate about creating clothing that make women feel comfortable and, most importantly, confident in their own skin. We make activewear that activates YOU, bringing out your best and inspiring you to take on the day.

A Note From Our Founder

Sel&Si was only a twinkle in my eye for a long time  an aspiration to blend athletics and art. The goal? To express yourself creatively while in a yoga class or running a marathon with art-inspired athletic wear. Simple black leggings and an old crewneck never pushed me to finish two Ironman triathlons — however, a colorful abstract printed legging did give me that ounce more of confidence. My adrenaline rush has always come from some healthy competition and creative expression. Sports and art have been exhilarating, grounding, and, at times, the most healing force in my life. 

Sel&Si was also inspired by my beautiful grandparents, Selma and Simon, who never sat around. Selma swam and walked every day until she was 100 years old and Simon was always alongside cheering her on. Their commitment to movement and expression has shaped my life and this line of athletic wear. 

I have one hope: that this art-inspired gear gives you a tad more confidence, a bit more commitment to movement, and a lot more courage to express yourself. I opted to push my career as a pharmacist aside (which never really matched my irreverent personality!) to pursue something that motivates, inspires, and pushes me. Every single day. Whether you're practicing yoga or swinging a kettle bell, do something that keeps your heart beating. Chase your passion and always cheer on others to do the same. Just like Simon did for Selma. 

Oh, and of course, do it all while looking good!